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How To Listen Pandora Outside United States Without Any Proxy

Pandora is an online radio station and a huge music directory from where you can listen to your artist song directly and there is you get the lyrics with it.Pandora is the best source of listening songs online.Every artist`s songs are available here.You just have to search your artist and then Pandora will do the rest.It`s really beautiful experience to use Pandora.I am big fan of Pandora so just got this new trick to use Pandora .Enrique,Taylor,Tiesto all are available with their latest albums and great song quality.
This service is absolutely free though having some Ads overflow.The Pandora is most used website in USA but unfortunately it`s not available in countries outside USA due to some license constraints.The listeners outside USA can not access Pandora and there is no alternative (according to the site). But friends there is an alternative as you can use Pandora now even without using any proxy servers or VPN to fake US IP address to access it.Otherwise you will be redirected to there security page.
This new way will surely help the heavy Pandora listeners outside USA.You can even buy your songs if you wish to for iPhone and CD from Amazon
You have to install an extension that can enable Pandora in every country you live in.
How To Access Pandora Outside USA

You have to just install one Extension to access Pandora.

  • For Chrome Users You Have to install HTTPS EveryWhere and click on for chrome and allow extension to install
  • For Firefox users you have install HTTPS EVERYWHERE , choose Firefox, install Add-on and restart you Firefox.
How To Register For Pandora Outside US
  1.  Enter your email address
  2. Fill your year of birth below than 1993 (age consideration below 18 can not use Pandora)
  3. Fill a USA Zip code- use 16046 (this is an USA city Zip Code )
  4. Click Register enjoy
This trick is working in many countries like Brazil,India,Australia and hope it will work in your country too .Thanks Labnol for creating such a beautiful article.